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Olan Montgomery, sometimes called only Olan,[1], is an American pop-artist notable for his pop-art portraits of both celebrities and unknown people[2], social issues[3][4],[5]such as hate crimes[6] and vietnam[7] He is notable for his depictions of the Gay party scene as well[8][9][10]. The artist published a collection of his portraits and party scene art works in a booked entitled 'POP Art inspired by New York's own subcultures from celebrity to subway something more through color & light'[11][12][13]. He employs a technique where he transfers his own photographs to canvas, in order to embue photographic portraits with color. He created several notable works of actors including Alan Cumming who included the artist in several of his Art Parties[14].

'MTV made comment when 'Courtney Love purchased a portrait of herself by Olan[15], 'Courtney Love invested in some new art recently — a portrait of herself. New York artist Olan — who has also created mixed-media portraits of Kelly Osbourne, Anne Hathaway, Rufus Wainwright and Boy George — said in a statement that "It is the greatest gift for an artist's work to speak to its subject, and I am honored by Ms. Love's response to my work of her." Several of the artists portraits of Courtney Love appeared in a featured interview with the celebrity in 'Heeb magazine[16],[17],[18].

Village Voice art critic Michael Musto described the artist as "upping the subculture".[19] He is based in New York but was born in Georgia.[19]

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